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S/NProject Title
1Improvement of 18 toilets at various ITE Campuses
2A/A Works to Yuan Ching Secondary School
3A/A Works to International Community School at 21A Jubilee Road
4A/A Works to Pasir Ris Sec School at Tampines Street 21
5Container Toilets at Changing Cabins to 20 Dual-Use Schools
6A/A Works to National Junior College at Hillcrest Road
7Redevelopment of CHIJ School at 4 Cashew Road
8Upgrading to Bukit View Sec School
9A/A Works to Dunman Sec School at Tampines Street 45
10A/A Works to CHIJ (Katong) Primary School at 17 Martin Road
11Proposed Sport Hall at Pasir Ris Sec School at Tampines Street 21
12New Erection to National Junior College at Hillcrest Road
13New Erection of A 15 Storey Admin/Hostel at 501 Stirling Road (MDIS)
14Redevelopment of Guangyang Primary School
15New erection of Primary school at Sengkang Site 16 (Palm View Primary School)
16New erection of Primary school at Sengkang Site 20 (Sengkang Green Primary school)
17Renovation works to PCF at Jurong west
18Renovation works to CDAC at Tampines
19Renovation works to CDAC at Woodlands
20Renovation works to PCF at Choa Chu Kang
21Development of Ghurkha Camp at Mount Vernon Road
22Upgrading to Stagmont Camp
23Upgrading to Nee Soon Camp
24A & A works to Clementi Camp
25Extension of Kranji Camp III at Choa Chu Kang Way
26Upgrading of Sungei Gedong Camp
27Upgrading to Ulu Pandan Camp
28Upgrading to Amoy Quee Camp
29Upgrading to Clementi Camp
30Upgrading to Kranji Camp
31Construction of Admin/Training/Common Facilities at Transist Road
32Redevelopment of Changi Prison Complex (Special Service Centre)
33PSA Building Phase 4 at Alexandra Road
34A/A Works to Church of the Holy Trinity at Tampines Street 11
35Upgrading to Gravehaven at the Salvation Army
36A/A Works to Marine Parade Community Church at 100 Tembeling Road
37Erection of LTA Circle Line Contract 823 for MRT Stations (Tanjong Katong, Paya Lebar and Old Airport)
38Erection of 4-Storey Church with 2 Basement (Divine Mercy) at Pasir Ris Street 72
39Upgrading to Police Head Quarter at 51 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9
40A & A to Tampines Bus Interchange
41A & A to Yishun Stadium
42A & A to LTA MRT substations at Kranji , Marsiling ,Woodlands & Admiralty
43A & A Works to Sengkang Community Club
44Upgrading to Vessel Museum at Changi Naval Base
45A & A to Market At Ang Mo Kio Blk 160 & 162
46A & A to Bedok Central Market
47Upgrading to Christallite Methodist Home at 51 Marsiling Drive
48Upgrading to Moral Welfare Home at 301 Henderson Road
49Development of Sungei Cina Park at Woodlands Avenue 9
50New Erection of a 4 Storey Al-Ansar Mosque at 155 Bedok North Ave 1
51Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home at 148A Silat Ave

Buy Alprazolam Mexico