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S/NProject Title
1Erection of 4-Blocks of Detached Single Storey Warehouse at Tuas South 1/Tuas SouthAve 3 & 6
2“Cendex” 16-Storey Industrial Building at Lower Delta Road
3A/A Works to 4-Storey Factory at No.8 Loyang Way 1
4Erection of 5-Storey Single User Warehouse at 24 Penjuru Close
5Temporary Toilets for Boris Land lease Genentech at Tuas South Avenue 6
6Temporary Toilet at Admiralty West for M+W Zander
7Erection of 4-Storey Factory at 7 Pioneer Place
8Erection of a Block of 3-Storey Single User Factory at 6 Tractor Road
9Erection of 3-Storey Single User Industrial Development at Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim/Tuas Avenue 1
10Erection of 3-Storey Single User Factory at Yuas West Street (P&G)
11Erection of Single User Factory at No 2 Gul Circle
12Erection of Multi-User Factory at Ubi Avenue 3 & 4
13Erection of Single User Factory at 51 Pioneer Sector 1
14Erection of 5-Storey Factory at No 5 Harrison Road
15Erection of 9-Storey Industrial Development at Serangoon North Avenue 1 (Northstar)
16Erection of Multi-User Factory at Kaki Bukit Place
17Erection of 18 Units Terrace factory at Tuas South Avenue 1
18Erection of 6-Storey Warehouse at No 4 Kim Chuan Terrace
19Erection of PSA Workshop & Office at Pasir Panjang Road
20A/A Works to Single User Factory at Senoko Way
21Erection of Single-User Factory at Tuas South Avenue 1
22A/A Works to Single user Factory at No 33 & 35 Tuas Tech Park
23Erection of 5-Story Single User Warehouse with 5-Storey Ancillary Office at 24 Penjuru Close
24Temporary Toilets for Technip at Tuas
25Erection of 10-Storey & 13-Storey Office Building with 4-Storey Factory for Syscon Pte Ltd at No 30 Tuas Bay Drive
26Erection of 18 Units Terrace factory at Tuas South Avenue 1
27Erection of 6-Storey Warehouse at No 4 Kim Chuan Terrace
28New Erection of Warehouse at Loyang A1A2
29New Erection of 17 Storey Industrial Factory Development at Playfair Road (Trivev)
30NPH Warehouse at Kallang Ave
31Temporary Toilets at Marina Bay Sands Resort
32Temporary Toilets at China Town Station
33Upgrading to SMRT Public Toilets at MRT Stations (Yew Tee, Marsiling & Kranji)
34Temporary Dormitory Toilets at Bukit Batok Avenue 8
35Temporary Dormitory Toilets at Marina Street/Marina Place
36Temporary Toilets for Sumitomo Mitsui Construction at Jurong Island
37Toilets for Construction Industries Park (CIP) at Pulau Punggol Timor
38Temporary Workers’ Quarter & Canteen at PSA, PB2 for M/S Hyundai
39Temporary Prefab Workers’ Quarters at Upper Jurong Road
40A & A Works to Ubi industrial Estate (North Cluster)
41New Development Tuas Bay Close at Westar
42New Development at Sin Ming Motor Workshop
43New Development at 90 Eunos Ave 7
44New Erection of A 7 Storey Workers Dormitory at Woodlands
45 New Erection of a 9 Storey Workers Dormitory at Toh Guan, Westlite
468 Storey Single User Light Industrial Development at Leng Kang Road
47Workers’ Dormitories for Construction Industries Park (CIP) at Pulau Punggol Timor
48Pasir Panjang DistriPark at Pasir Panjang Road
49Mandai Food Link at Mandai Link
50Erection of Workers Dormitory at Accadia Keppel Home at Bukit Batok

Buy Alprazolam Mexico