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S/NProject Title
1New Development at Clementi Ave 4 (Blk 315-320)
2New Development at Sembawang N4 C15
3Redevelopment to Queenstown RC21 (Blk 28A-28C) at Dover Road
4Redevelopment to Queenstown RC25
5New Development to Sengkang N2 C37
6New Development to Sengkang N2 C33
7New Development to Sengkang N2 C34
8New Development to Bishan C32
9New Development to Ang Mo Kio RC10
10New Development to Kallang/Whampoa RC24A
11New Development to Geylang Serai C27
12Upgrading to Kallang, Aljunied and Queenstown
13New Development to Punggol East C18
14New Development to Sengkang N4C7
15Upgrading of Rental Flat at Lengkok Bahru & Henderson Road C2
16New Development to Punggol West C5
17New Development to Punggol East C18
18New Development to Sembawang N5C9A
19New Development to Sembawang RC17
20New Development to Clementi N4C8
21New Development to Hougang N9C15
22HIP At Tampines/ Toa Payoh/ Clementi
23New Development to Punggol West C7 (First greenmark HDB project in Singapore)
24New Development to Sengkang N4C3
25New Development to Sengkang N2 C16
26New Development to Yishun N4 C5
27New Development to Yishun N4 C6
28New Development to Bukit Merah RC40
29HDB Design & Build @ Yishun N1C18/Punggol West C10/Serangoon Central C13
30New Development to Sengkang N4C16
31New Development to Bukit Merah RC39
32New Development to Woodlands N2C12
33New Development to Choa Chu Kang N4C14
34New Development Queenstown Contract 30
35New Development to Sengkang N4 C10
36New Development to Woodlands N8 C20
37New Development to Bukit Panjang N6 C10
38New Development to Jurong West N2 C16
39New Development to Sengkang N3 C19
40New Development to Tampines N5 C9
41New Development to Woodlands N7 C26 & C28
42New Development to Bukit Merah C37B
43New Development to Sembawang N5 C1B
44New Development to Sengkang N4 C12
45New Development to Pasir Ris N5 C19
46New Development to Sengkang N3 C21/22
47New Development to Choa Chu Kang N4 C15
48New Development to Jurong West N5 C15
49New Development to Woodlands N3 C14
50New Development to Sengkang N2 C40
51New Development to Ang Mo Kio N5 C26
52New Development to Woodlands N7 C34
53New Development to Yishun N5 C6
54New Development to Punggol West C36
55New Development to Punggol West C31
56New Development to Sengkang N2 C43B
57New Development to Hougang N4 C20
58New Development to Bukit Merah C52
59New Development to Bedok N5 C20 & Serangoon North C20
60New Development to Choa Chu Kang N8 C1
61New Development to Choa Chu Kang N8 C4
62New Development to Choa Chu Kang N8 C6
63New Development to Choa Chu Kang N8 C8
64New Development to Jurong West N6 C31
65New Development to Bishan C38
66New Development to Bukit Batok N4 C14 & 15
67New Development to Bukit Batok N4 C8 & 9
68New Development to Hougang N3 C14
69New Development to Hougang N9 C23
70New Development to Jurong West N2 C17 & 18
71New Development to Punggol West C32
72New Development to Punggol West C33 & 34
73New Development to Sengkang N3 C27
74New Development to Sembawang N1 C10
75New Development to Sengkang N4 C19
76New Development to Serangoon North C18
77New Development to Yishun N6 C19
78New Development at Geylang C18
79New Development at Tampines N6 C2A
80New Development at Punggol North C6 & C7
81New Development at Bidadari C5
82New Development at Bidadari C4
83New Development at Jurong N2 C25
84New Development at Kallang Whampoa C21
85New Development at Bukit Batok N4 C18 – 21
86New Development at Hougang N9 C21
87New Development at Ang Mo Kio N2 C31
88HIP / LUP 70 at Tanjong Pagar
89HIP / LUP at Tampines, Toa Payoh, Clementi
90HIP / LUP at Chai Chee & Chin Swee Road
91HIP at Yishun G7A
92HIP at Yishun G7B & D
93HIP at Telok Blangah St 31 – G6D
94HIP at Lorong Ah Soo / Bedok South Ave 3 – G11A
95HIP at Teck Whye / Jurong East – G11B
96HIP at Ang Mo Kio – G6B
97HIP at Holland Close – G8B
98HIP at Tampines St 91 – G8A
99HIP at Bedok North – G13I
100HIP at Various Sites – G12B , G13B & G13D
101HIP at Tampines – G12D
102HIP at St George Rd – G13C
103HIP at Jurong / Clementi – G10D
104HIP at G15A (Woodlands) & G15D ( Bishan)
105HIP at Shunfu G14C
106HIP at Clementi G14E
107HIP at Aljunied G15E
108HIP at Tampines G16A
109HIP at Jurong East G14D
110HIP at Ang Mo Kio G15B
111HIP at Ang Mo Kio G17E
112HIP at Bedok G15G
113HIP at Teban G17D
114HIP at Dokota G18A
115HIP at Bedok/Tampines G17A
116HIP at Gangsa Road / Woodlands St13 G20C
117HIP at Hougang G19E
118HIP at Ang Mo Kio G19C
119HIP at Tampines G19B
120HIP at Bukit Batok West / East G20B
121HIP at Yishun Ring Road G18
122HIP at Yishun G23C
123HIP at Ang Mo Kio G22G
124HIP at Ang Mo Kio G21F
125HIP at Ang Mo Kio G22D
126HIP at Yishun G21B
127HIP at Bukit Permai G20E
128HIP at Tampines/Geylang G23A
129HIP at Serangoon G22B
130HIP at Tampines G25C
131HIP at Yishun G24H
132HIP at Hougang G24B
133HIP at Jurong East G23D
134HIP at Bedok G21H
135HIP at Jurong G21G
136HIP at Jalan Raja/Serangoon G22A
137 HIP at Hougang G21A
138HIP at Serangoon G25I
139HIP at Jurong/Bukit Batok G21E
140HIP at Yishun/Tampines G24D

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