Our Commitment

To provide quality wares with affordability

Reliable Performance

Well-designed and functional wares produced through years of innovation and experience

Excellent Finish

Stringent production process ensures excellent finishes

Certified Experts

Saniton Ceramic is proud to be certified & approved.

Renovation and interior design

Saniton Ceramic manufactures a wide range of sanitary ware products with a strong emphasis on quality and functionality. Our commitment is to fulfill all our customers’ aesthetic and practical needs at affordable prices.

Architecture and engineering

Our sanitary wares can be used in many different architectural settings. Our products are engineered to increase water efficiency and reduce your water bills.

A Heritage Brand in Singapore

Saniton’s products have found their way into countless households, offices, institutions, shopping malls and hotels in Singapore since 1991. A trusted Singapore brand, our products provide reliable performance towards meeting your needs.

About Saniton

Our ceramic products, evolving from our passion for pottery and porcelain, are made from natural raw materials of the highest quality and sourced from around the world. We maintain a great degree of craftsmanship in our production line to ensure that only beautifully styled products leave our assembly lines…

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